This is an alphabetical list of PyMCL hosted/supported modpacks.

ModpackBrief Description
AdventureCraftAdventureCraft is a total overhaul mod that allows for adventure maps.
AetherMPAetherMP is a modpack oriented around the multiplayer port of the Aether.
AMCO ModpackAMCO is a modpack made by Arrrg. Rehosted on PyMCL for easy install.
Example ModpackThis is an example modpack containing one mod.
Johan's Big ModpackAdventure Tech & Exploration.
Lowmango's ModpackLowmango's Modpack is a modpack that re-adds a ton of old beta and alpha features to minecraft beta 1.7.3 with some new and returning mods! This modpack is aimed at people who like bases, tech and exploration. Modpack 404'd for now while I remove all mojang code.
TechnicThis is a small modpack that is tech focused for single player minecraft.