AetherMP Version: 2.12 for Minecraft b1.7.3

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By: Meefy

This server is a modded beta 1.7.3 craftbukkit server. Open 24/7. Has many mods such as Aether, Twilight forest, Flans, Redpower, Buildcraft and more! In active development.
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IP is
I mainly host this server because I've always wanted to have a big modded survival with my friends in beta 1.7.3. Couldn't really do it though because so many mods were incompatible and weren't coded for multiplayer. But with the help of mods devs such as mine_diver and rek it became possible!

Mod Description Link (if available)
BuildcraftA game mod aiming at allowing users to build advanced structures and mechanisms.
RedpowerA mod that drastically expands on redstone.
Twilight ForestA new dimension that is mostly a massive forest.
Aether MPA port of the original Aether 1.02 to multiplayer.


Mine_Diver: Mod developer. Responsible for all the patches, AetherMp, Twilight Forest and much more.
Sweetz: Sent me some plugins for the server.
Johan: Made the icon in the modpack.
Rek: Mod developer. Responsible for HMI and Beta tweaks.
Johnanater: Helped out with some mods, plugins, SkinFix and made Login Fix.
MoreSteck: Decompiling Forge with craftbukkit and fixing errors.
Essae: Administrator and assistant developer of server. Made icon for the discord server.
Evan13: Administrator and assistant developer of server.
Meefy777: Owner and main developer of the server.
Ultra_Firegamer: Built Spawn world.
Argagaes: Patched duplication glitches for this version of minecraft.
calmilamsy: Helped make SkinFix.
Johny Muffin: Making the RetroBot plugin.