Lowmango's Modpack Version: april2019 for Minecraft b1.7.3

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By: lowmango

Lowmango's Modpack is a modpack that re-adds a ton of old beta and alpha features to minecraft beta 1.7.3 with some new and returning mods!
This modpack is aimed at people who like bases, tech and exploration.
If you would like a specific mod from the pack or would like to add something feel free to join the Modification Station Discord!


Mod Description Link (if available)
Slab Crash FixFixes a crash when a client tries getting the name of an invalid slab type
Farlands Bug FixFixes the Jitter screen issue when walking far out into the world
Seed Display FixShows the world seed of each save in the world menu
Controls Menu FixControls menu is now scrollable and organised like later versions of the game
Tool FixesAllows pickaxes and axes to be effective on more blocks, like in newer versions of Minecraft
Improved Slimes FixAdds the cut huge slime size from Alpha and allows slimes to split even when there's extra damage (no longer need to get them to exactly 0 health)
Water Spring Propagation FixCorrects the spread of water source blocks so that the surface of water deeper than one block will fill in correctly
Fence Jump FixAnimals no longer jump-spam inside of fences (prior to this they would jump-spam)
Punch Sheep FixRe-enables the ability to punch sheep for their wool instead of shearing or killing
Old School Minecraft Logo with Block FormationRestores the classic Minecraft logo with the blocks animation from older versions.
No Tall GrassRemoves tall grass and shrubs like earlier versions of the game (pre beta 1.6) seeds can be harvested from grass blocks using a hoe.
Restored Water LiftsRe-enables old boat physics, reverts the "submerged boats rising very very fast" from Beta 1.6 (useful for builds/contraptions, getting to floating islands very quickly etc.).
Old LaddersRestores the old ladder physics where you could have a space inbetween them! The player CAN climb ladders spaced every other block! *reverts beta 1.5 patch*
No AchievementsHides achievement popup notifications.


Johnanater: Old School Minecraft Logo with Block Formation, Slab Crash Fix, Old Ladders, Skin Fix port, and No Tall Grass patch
Dereku: Treecapitator Sound Fix and Old School Minecraft Logo with Block Formation patch (fixed transparency)
mine_diver: SAPI & Forge patch for BetterThanWolves and Aether compatability as well as Old Ladders/Ropes compatability patch
Logan: Customizable Birch and Spruce Leaves as well as Escape Menu Texture Pack Button
rek: Controls Menu Fix, Quit Game, Recipe Book Patch, Old Storage Block Textures, and in-game texture pack fix
WIP03: Paxels
Piratjsk: Skin Fix (original code)
Mister_Person: No Tall Grass (original code)
Kingbdogz, Kodaichi, Shockah (ShockAhPi), Flan and 303: The Aether
FlowerChild: BetterThanWolves
Marglyph: TooManyItems
Risugami: Modloader & AudioMod, Recipe Book & Armor Stand
DaftPVF: Treecapitator
blakmajik: Zeppelin
iChun: Portal Gun
Pahimar: Equivilant Exchange
SanAndreasP: Clay Soldiers
BalkondeurAlpha: Balkon's Weapon Mod
ShaRose: ID Resolver, GuiAPI
nairol: World Downloader
Pfaeff: Pfaeff's Mod
TheZyga: Punchable TNT & Punch Sheep for Wool
Exalm: Restored Water Lifts & Restored Minecart Boosters
Snowshoe: Tool Fixes (Pickaxe & Axe), Water Spring Propagation & Fence Jump fixes
SOM3GUY: Custom Sounds
TV: No Achievements
wd1966: Improved Chat
http://files.minecraftforge.net/: Forge (So many people work on Forge so I've just left the website)
Grinde: Seed Display & Improved Slimes
Jilm: Render Stutter Fix
lastone: Walmap
Lastly, LowMango (myself!): Configuration fixes, countless hours of trial and error, research, re-adding old textures, all old sounds, optional texturepacks and ports
and even some extra details :)